/ Melangeur 7 kg

Melangeur 7 kg

Melangeur 7 kg by KADZAMA
Melangeur 7 kg by KADZAMA
Melangeur 7 kg by KADZAMA

Is it possible to make a professional melangeur cheaper, while maintaining excellent grinding quality?

Yes, it is. Have you heard about 7 kg CE KADZAMA? - Meet its lite edition.

Despite the fact that this machine is cheaper than the CE version, the main elements responsible for the grinding quality are the same: stainless steel bowl, granite runners and bowl bottom, engine, independent clamping mechanism.

Features of this model:

  • No cover;
  • Removable scrapers and bowl;
  • The START and STOP buttons are replaced by the ON / OFF switch. It’s because of simplification of the electronics: if this working melangeur is deprived of power (for example, in case of power outage or if the plug was suddenly pulled out), and then the power supply is restored (without switching the power to the OFF position), the melangeur tries to start rotation again. On the 7 kg CE Melangeur this will not happen, because the melangeur will not start rotation automatically until the operator makes sure that everything is in order.
  • There is an automatic circuit breaker .
  • Screws and nuts with normal thread, not trapezoidal, can withstand tougher handling. In practice, they work perfectly if you do not overtighten, as the clip will not increase but the threads can be torn off. While designing, it was refused to add an extra fan for cooling. Therefore, in order to solve the issue of heat dissipation, the bottom and back wall of the machine is not covered with metal, it is not noticeable if the melangeur is standing with the back side against the wall.

Thus, by simplifying the design and removing what you can do without, we reduced the cost of the machine, while preserving what KADZAMA melangeurs are loved for - reliability and high quality grinding.


  • Dimensional size
    600 х 390 х 600 mm
  • Weight
    7 kg
  • Electric power supply
    220 V ~ 50 Hz
  • Power intake
    550 W
  • Housing material
  • Bowl material
    Stainless steel, stone bottom
  • Rotation speed
    0 - 90 rpm
  • Speed adjustment
  • Manufacturer
  • Warranty period
    1 year


Great to be able to get my hands on your products. So long I'm really satisfied with it to make strawberry chocolate (see the picture I linked)

Fresh Cacao
We bought our 7 kg KADZAMA melangeur in 2016 for recipes creation. During this time only one thing was replaced — a button. Melangeur does good grinding! We are glad! Also we’ve got a 57 kg KADZAMA melangeur. Comparing it with another machines — it’s really good! We see no differences in grinding time and quality.
We use KADZAMA melangeur to do praline. Works awesome! Now we are going to launch chocolate production.
Prime chocolate
We want to thank KADZAMA team for creating great equipment! Our 7 kg melangeur works hard every day for two years now and we haven’t replaced stones yet! They are OK. 27 kg melangeur works good as well — no problems. Thank you!
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Thank you!